Operator places 2x6 or 2x8 treated and non-treated material on work tables. Applies adhesive with an air-operated adhesive gun.
For Clarity:
The BIG RED III caddy is resting directly left-hand end of this column in the home position.
After adhesive is applied and the 2x6 or 2x8 material is set in place, the nailing process will now begin.
By compressing two start up buttons, the automated caddy “BIG RED III” begins traveling the full length of column at a productive rate of one foot per 1-1/2 seconds
The BIG RED III caddy will apply both down and side roller pressure prior to nailing.
2 MAX CN 100 nail guns are mounted on each side, nailing at 6” on center totaling 4 nails per foot.
Immediately after the column is completely nailed, operator pulls the Mobile Gusset Press tothe first butt joint.
Metal Gussets are first positioned manually
With regard to safety, mobile gusset press is activated with 2-hand control system.
OPTION: Complete line of "Finger Joint" equipment available.
Inline Conveyor System feeds the column into the Standard "Top Edge Planer"
Planed column conveying onto mechanical stands
Option: Top/Bottom Edge Planer also Available
Completed columns are pushed off mechanical stands and slide onto the Automated Stacker.
Groups of three columns are automatically stacked on the column stacking cart, eliminating manual lifting.

SEMMLER SYSTEMS INC., your “ONE STOP SHOP” manufacturer of Mechanical Fasten Laminated Column Fabricating Equipment

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• BIG RED III Nailing Caddy
• Mobile Hydraulic Butt Joint Gusset Press
• Top Edge Planer with Chip Collector
• Conveyor System
• Mechanical Push-Off Stands
• Automatic Stacking System
• Column Stacking Cart with Flanged Wheel Track

• Additional 8’0” Work Table to Fabricate up to 40’0” Columns
• Top and Bottom Edge Planer
• Finger Joint Equipment
• Column Design/Engineer Manual

BIG RED III column fabricating equipment produces 3-ply, 4-ply, 2x6 and 2x8 laminated columns up to 32’0” long. Equipped with four MAX CN 100 coil nail guns – two mounted on each side. Special-designed nail canasters each capable of holding 2500 full-head, hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails totaling 10,000 nails which will fabricate 147 each 16’0” 3-ply columns before reloading.


BIG RED IIIComplete Fabricating Equipment System with several options to fit your needs: Automatic Mobile Nailing Caddy
• Choice of Butt-End Reinforcement Equipment between Mobile Hydraulic Gusset Plate Press or the Finger Joint System
• Choice of Top Edge Planer or Top/Bottom Edge Planer, Both includes Chip Collector with Stand
• Conveyor System • Mechanical Push-Off Stands
• Automatic Column Stacker
• Column Stacking Cart with Flanged Wheel Track
• Design/Engineer Manual

In-Line Design of the work phases and positioning the equipment along the shop back wall provides for an efficient and minimal shop space production plant. Column material flow travels from left to right.

Gun Nailers –Four MAX CN 100 coil nailers with special-designed nail canasters for holding total of 10,000 full head nails in one loading.

Requires 3-phase, 208-240 volt power, 80-gal. air compressor capable of supplying 150 lb. air pressure. Min. 40’ x 90’ shop floor with 20’ x 12’ overhead door at right-hand end.

Efficiency – One operator can produce 120 each 3-ply, 20’, 2x6 columns totaling 7200 bd/ft per 8-hour day.

Designed quality equipment to achieve a complete column fabricating system that provides for a safe working environment and fabricates quality columns at a high production rate.

FROM JIM SEMMLER: Are you faced with these same column issues in your business? Column orders have long delivery dates – shipping dates are late and columns are on back order. Not having the proper column size on inventory to fill the order – Column and delivery costs are too high so you’re forced in ordering full truck load of columns to reduce the average per column freight cost – This creates yard inventory issues which may result in much yard waste.
Semmler’s Complete Column Fabricating System can help with these issues. With the BIG RED III, you can fabricate laminated columns of various sizes to complete the order as you need them. This reduces yard inventory and eliminates yard wastes resulting in maximum profits.

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